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A New Competitive Arena – Beating the Competition
The Internet is rapidly becoming the information source of choice for both consumers and healthcare professionals, as well as large scale customers such as insurance companies, universities, HMOs, and PPOs. Consumers will go to the web much more quickly when they have a specific health question rather than waiting to ask their health care professional, especially when researching disease or drug information. Larger customers may use the web to do their own research.

Whoever ranks highest on a search engine, whoever holds the highest ground, has the first and best opportunity to make a presentation to the prospective customer. The lower the ranking, the less opportunity to make that presentation.

In the search engine world, a ranking below #30 means your site is virtually invisible to the customer.

Investment Protection
Knowing where your managed care organization stands (and this is a moving window that changes daily, weekly, and monthly) and how to improve your web ranking helps preserve the investment you have in your web site. If your ranking is below 30, a great deal of your investment is lost because the web site is not sufficiently visible to the individual looking for the information it contains and the information you want them to receive.

Positioning Intelligence
KIKAKU NETsendex ranking analysis can determine how meets or fails to meet the criteria search engines use to determine ranking, and what you need to do to re-position yourself. By knowing what you are doing right or wrong, you can maintain or improve your ranking to gain a competitive advantage.

Competitive Intelligence
KIKAKU NETsendex can not only tell you how a managed care organization ranks in each of the major search engines, it can show you how you rank against your competitors and their products – and how to improve your position among your enabling publics.


Maintaining an understanding of where the managed care organization is in relation to your competitors is as important in the Internet knowledge market as it it is in the sales field. Failure to monitor your ranking continuously could result in a loss of visibility and a loss of opportunity to make your presentation to customers. Elements that affect how your ranking can change without your participation are listed below.

Changing Ranking Criteria
Different search engines use different criteria to rank pages. Those criteria change from time to time. Even if your site is properly positioned one month, changes by a major search engine, or a loss of data by a search engine, could result in a major ranking change for you.

Competitor Actions
A competitor may consciously work to improve its web position to get ahead of you. However, because of the way search engines set criteria, your ranking could change inadvertently because of the way a competitor changes the text or even the graphics on its web site, even if they were unaware of the negative effect on your ranking


Highly Specialized Field
Computer engineers and technicians tend to be technology oriented rather than marketing oriented. Since search engine marketing is a highly specialized field within the Internet community it is more effective to trust the task to those who already understand and work with the process on a daily basis.

No Additional Training
With KIKAKU NETsendex there is no need to provide additional training for primary and back-up specialists. We already know how to (a) acquire the data, (b) interpret the data, and most importantly (c) act on the data

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